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Medical samples assayingPrice List
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Cata.No. Product Names spec. TestMethods Unit Price
C001-3 Kalium Kit (with standard) Spectrophotometry(by machine) Kit 9.546
C001-1 Kalium Kit (with standard) Turbidimetry(by hand) Kit 8.025
C002 Natrium Kit (with standard) Kit 16.05
C003-3 Chlorine Kit (with standard) Spectrophotometry (by machine) Kit 9.63
C003-1 Chlorine Kit (with standard) Spectrophotometry (by hand) Kit 8.025
C004-3 Spectrophotometry (by machine) Kit 9.63
C004-1 Spectrophotometry (by hand) Kit 8.025
C006-2 Kit 28.89
C009-1 Glutamic- pyruvic Transaminase Kit Spectrophotometry Kit 12.84
C010-1 Glutamic- oxaloacetic Transaminase Kit Spectrophotometry Kit 12.84
C011 Creatinine Kit (picric acid)(rid of protein) Spectrophotometry Kit 12.84
C012 Uric Acid Kit Spectrophotometry Kit 12.84
C013-1 Blood Urea Nitrogen Kit Spectrophotometry Kit 8.025
C016 Amylase Kit Spectrophotometry Kit 9.63
C017 Y-Glutamyl Transferase (YGT) Kit Spectrophotometry Kit 15.73
C018 Total Bilirubin , Direct Rreacting Bilirubin Kit Caffein Spectrophotometry Kit 13.6425
C020 Urine Bilirubin Kit Harrisons Kit 7.704
C021 Hemoglobin Dilutent Spectrophotometry Bottle 8.025
C024 Platelet Dilutent (for counting) 100ml Bottle 3.21
C025 White Blood Cell Diluent (for counting ) 100ml Bottle 3.21
C026 Abluent for Blood Cell Counter 250ml Bottle 4.0125
C027 Occult Blood of Urine and Feces Kit Benzidine Kit 4.0125
C028 CO2-binding Capacity Kit 2ml310 Titration Kit 6.42
C033 Urobilinogen Kit -- Kit 5.6175
C034 Protein of Cerebrospinal Fluid Kit Sulfosalicylic acid Kit 8.025
C035-1 Urinary Protein Qualification Kit Sulfosalicylic acid Kit 4.815
C035-2 Urinary Protein Quantification Kit CBB Kit 7.704
C037 Red Blood Cell Diluent (for counting) 100ml Bottle 3.21
C038 Blood Sedimentation Testing Solution 100ml Bottle 3.21
C039 Eosinophil Direct Counting Solution 40ml1 Bottle 8.025
C040 Reticulocyte Counting Solution Testtube method Kit 4.815
C041 Glucose in Urine Reagent 100ml Benedicts Bottle 6.42

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